“Hayley is passionate, on the ball, and an all around great person to be around and work with. Since getting to know her in the startup space, there are few we know that are as well connected on the grassroots level. Hayley has a penchant for running events with a good dose of fun. At Origami we last worked with her on a series of product launches that were a resounding success.”
— Kevin Johan Wong, CEO & Co-Founder of Origami Group Ltd. (ORII Smart Ring)

happy clients

I participated in the 2016 Start-up Weekend Fashion Edition where Hayley was one of the key event organizers, Hayley demonstrated the exceptional level of event organizing skills and marketing talent, facilitating event activities, coordinating pre/post event communication.
On a more personal level, We’ve collaborated on a brand project and her introduction to Mettā has continued to drive the conversation among the community. Look forward more opportunities working together.
— Floris Vermeulen, Founder of Better than Flower
Hayley is a passionate, creative social media maven who’s actively sharing, communicating, and adding value to people around her. I appreciate her support when my company Insta360 worked with Metta to live-stream Gary Vaynerchuk’s fireside chat at Metta, Hong Kong, 2017 summer.
— Freyja Chen, Global PR Manager at Insta360
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— Alice Schütt, General Manager at Mettā
“A team player who fascinates design, fashion and marketing! Worked with Hayley on several programs, looking forward to the next collaboration!”
— Felix Wong, Community Manager Greater China at Techstars